Workout Guides - Pre-workout Meal

There is a lot of confusion about what one should eat before a workout. Over the years, I have been to various gyms and have spoken to various trainers and the one thing that stands out , glaringly I must add, is the general lack of knowledge amongst most of them.

Yes, I have come across a few trainer, where I have been lucky to gain a lot of knowledge just by listening to them. But for the remaining, it's just a case of anything goes.

In this post, I want to cover the question " What should I eat prior to hitting the gym?"

I wish there was a simple one line answer to this. Almost like everything about fitness, it is subjective to the person, their body type and their fitness goals.

If you are trying to lose weight, or lower your body fat percentage, I will highly recomend working out on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. I have personally tried this and now only workout empty stomach. It is highly effective and helps shed a lot of body fat.

If your goal is to gain body mass or build bigger muscles, it is advisable to have a snack, rich in complex carbs 30-60 mins before your workout. Please ensure its a snack and you don't land up stuffing your self. The simple idea is that you give your body enough fuel (carbs) to burn during your workout, thereby minimising muscle loss.

Please understand the above is just indicative of what one should have. But it must be adjusted based on the results, goals and body types.

Also always remember, fitness or weight loss is not a destination. It is journey which in ongoing. Nothing can be achieve overnight and anyone promising you instant gains is only fooling you. There is no magical way of achieving instant results. Crash diets do not work in long run.

Always stay committed to your goals. Stay disciplined. Your body will reward you.


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