The Big Reset - World in a Lockdown

At the beginning of 2020, very few people would have expected that the first quarter of the year would bring such devastation. Yes, we have had bigger natural calamities with many more fatalities, that the current corona pandemic. But what makes this current situation very different to any other in the recent history of mankind, is the fact that, never have large economies worldwide, been shut off , together. We have no precedent of this before. We do not know how the world will come out of this and how different the future world will be. There is sheer panic in the hearts and minds of people. But, as we have always been told, every cloud has a silver lining.

The earth, the sole planet we have to live on, has been ravaged by ruthless economic progress. The current lockdown has given earth and our envoirnment a much needed break. A chance to partially heal. We have heard of dolphins swimming in Venice, deer coming on the road in India, pollution levels falling to levels not seen in years. Yes, the earth and its other habitats are healing, at the cost of humans. Poetic justice? Maybe....

Its still early days to assess the total impact of what we are going thru and will probably be months before the reality of the current situation is finally understood. In the interim, hundreds of thousands of lives will be lost. Families will never be the same again. The poor migrant workers of India, will suffer and many businesses will probably never reopen.

I just hope, for the sake of humanity, the worst predictions out there, do not come true.

This is something we would be telling the future generations about.

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