Quarantine Workout

21 days at home, no acess to a gym and you can't even jog in the open. Well the good news is you are not alone. 30% of the world population is in some form.of lock down or the other. The bad news is, at the end of the lockdown, you will probably not want to go out, with all the eating and sleeping!!!

There are just two things you can do

1) Tell yourself you have no choice

2) Make the most of it, and workout from home.

If you belong to the first part, this post is probably not for you. But if you want to make the most of your time at home, read on.

The first thing you need to do is fix a time for your workout. Schedule it in and follow that schedule religiously. No excuses.

Now it's time to burn away those quarantine calories.

Here is a list of my favorite excercises that help tone your muscles as well are burn that fat.

1) Jumping Jack's

2) Push Ups

3) Squats

4) Burpees

5) Planks

6) Mountain Climb

7) Lunges

I would recomend you do a set with 10-15 repetition of each of the above excercises ( 30 seconds to 1 minute for the plank) without a break. Should not take you more then 3-4 minutes to complete all seven variations. Then give your self a minutes break before starting another set

. Once you can manage 3 sets of the above, start increasing the number of repetition of each variation, so that at the end of 3 sets you are completely burnt.

These excercises are for beginners and should help you keep your self fit during the quarantine.

Will do another post for a more advanced workout for those looking at building muscles during this period.

A word of caution though. Anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should consult your doctor before trying the above.


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